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One of the best natural, convenient foods to eat...blueberries!

One of the best natural ,convenient foods to eat are blueberries. They deliver a lot of sweet, juicy flavour and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Sprinkle them in salads or try the smoothie recipe below!

Blueberry Cacao Smoothie

I start most days with a healthy smoothie!

One cup of frozen blueberries,

One cup of frozen spinach,

One cup of almond milk,

One tablespoon of cacao powder,

One tablespoon of walnuts.

Blend all ingredients in your blender, pour into a glass and enjoy! If you don't have time in the morning to make a smoothie, make it the night before and put it in a ready to go cup in the fridge. Grab it on the way out the door and prepare to feel energized for the morning!

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