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Do you find it hard to lose weight because you are hungry after a healthy meal?

Do you ever feel hungry after you have eaten a healthy meal? Most of the time after I eat a healthy meal I feel full and satisfied but sometimes I am still hungry. For breakfast today I had green tea, a slice of gluten free toast with a tablespoon of almond butter and a sprinkle of coconut and 1/2 a cup of apple sauce with cinnamon. A good easy breakfast, except I wanted something else after I finished eating. I still felt like something sweet so I raided my kitchen in search of something more. I admit if this happened to me before I started eating healthy, I would have been eating chocolate chip cookies and I will be honest, sometimes I would eat a whole row of cookies. Instead of eating cookies, I ate 1/2 a cup of fresh blueberries. It was a perfect choice. I got to enjoy the sweet flavour I was craving and the blueberries were packed with vitamins and fibre. I felt full, satisfied and happy that I had made a good choice.

I don’t believe in feeling hungry when you are trying to eat healthy. I think hunger can drive us to over-eat and make poor food choices. Any time I feel hungry I reach for healthy foods until I feel satisfied. Sometimes a few rice crackers and carrots dipped in hummus are enough to take away my food cravings for something crunchy and other times I have a bowl of frozen grapes or raspberries if I am craving something sweet. I have found the key to weight loss is to have lots of healthy options on hand so you can make healthy choices. You are worth it and the best benefit is you will feel great and look good too!

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