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Think Yourself Slim!

Think yourself slim! It might sound a little out there, but focusing on a photo of yourself when you were slim or on a photo like the model above will get your subconscious thinking about the possibility of being slim. I tried it myself a couple of years ago. I focused on pictures of myself when I could wear a bikini and I would think I used to be able to wear a bikini maybe I can wear one again. Now I can wear a bikini after not feeling confident in one for 22 years! The key to visualization is not to look at the photo and think "never" or "you have got to be kidding". You need to look at the photo and think "it's possible for me to wear a bikini again" or "it's possible for me to lose 20 pounds". You have to train your brain to believe in yourself and at the same time you are visualizing reaching your weight loss goals make sure you exercise, drink lots of water, eat lots of veggies and cut down your consumption of fat and sugar! Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!

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