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How do I eat to feel full and satisfied?

I think feeling full and satisfied is really important to enjoying eating healthy. When I lost weight, I did not do it by depriving myself of food and feeling hungry. I know that is not a sustainable way to lose weight. I lost weight by eating a lot of food but instead of eating processed foods that were full of sugar, additives and empty calories, I ate healthy food. If I get a craving for something sweet, I will have a big bowl of fresh fruit or sorbet. I sometimes crave something salty and creamy, and then I will have some rice crackers and humus. I do sometimes fall off the healthy food wagon and I will admit it can be hard to get back on, but I keep making healthy choices until I am back in my healthy eating routine. When I fall off the healthy food wagon, I start to feel sluggish and my clothes start to feel too tight so I try to focus on how much better I will feel if I eat healthy. Once I am back to my healthy eating plan, I feel great again but it does take being conscious of what I need to eat to feel full and satisfied before I reach for unhealthy food choices.

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