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Top 10 Key Tips for Linda's Healthy Eating for Holidays and Special Occasions!

Top 10 Key Tips for Linda’s Healthy Eating for Holidays and Special Occasions! I made this top 10 List for Healthy Eating for Holidays and Special Occasions because this is when I find I have a challenging time eating healthy. My usual routine around mealtimes is to have a smoothie for breakfast, a salad or gluten free wrap for lunch and then something healthy for dinner. If I am hungry in between meals I snack on veggies, rice crackers, humus and fruit. While on vacation or at special occasions, I try to stick to my eating plan, however I often get side tracked and find my clothes start fitting a lot tighter. I was on vacation in July and I found it challenging to follow my healthy eating plan so I made this top 10 list which I am trying to follow when I am on holiday or at special occasions. I hope you find it helpful! 1. Keep a food journal to avoid over eating. I find when I know I have to write down what I eat, I think about my food choices more. I find the easiest way to do this is to keep track of it on my phone or you could carry a small notebook to keep track.

2. Pack healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, humus and rice crackers. I try to have a healthy snack in my purse like almonds and raisins or an apple so I always have something healthy to eat instead of reaching for potato chips or chocolate bars.

3. Have nonalcoholic drinks like cranberry juice and soda, water with lime and cucumber slices or sparking, flavored water available in place of alcoholic drinks and try not to have more than 1 to 2 alcoholic drinks a day even when you are on holidays. This is a great way to manage calories so you don’t gain weight on holidays.

4. It’s wonderful that there are more gluten free options now but my advice based on experience is don’t buy more than one baked good per person at a gluten free bakery so you don’t find yourself like I did…eating muffins and cookies at midnight. 5. Try not to eat late at night or have a healthy snack like fruit, frozen raspberries or rice crackers and humus instead of unhealthy snacks like muffins, chips and cookies. 6. Take one trip to the buffet and load your plate with healthy salads or if you take another trip to the buffet only eat veggies and fruit on the second trip. 8. Avoid foods that you can’t stop eating after a healthy portion ... for me that’s popcorn. I have one bowl and that’s it because I know I could eat the whole bag! 9. Restaurants and food companies are providing more gluten free options which is great, but remember it’s still healthier to eat veggies and fruit and limit gluten free baked goods. 10. It’s easy to fall off The Healthy Eating Food Wagon, but when you fall off, just get right back on!

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